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Archive - Jan 2012

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Chocolate Swirl

Unlike diamonds that need to be faceted to reveal their true splendor, gemstones can be shaped in a variety of fascinating ways. Cabochons (pronounced CAB uh shons) are one of the beautiful and unique shapes of gemstones, seen here in our gorgeous Smokey Quartz Cabochon Ring.  Cabochons have a smoothly rounded, polished top and a flat or curved base.

January 30th

Pretty In Pink

Discovered on the island of Madagascar in 1911, morganite is a uniquely beautiful gem with hues ranging from deep magenta to pale pink.  Named in honor of the wealthy banker and gem connoisseur John Pierpont Morgan (of J. P. Morgan fame), this gems limited availability and soft, subtle beauty, make it a favorite of collectors and those who love wearing gorgeous, fine jewelry.

January 27th

Get Windswept

At Aston Royal, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse collection of fine jewelry.  Sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary - but always breathtaking - our goal is to offer gorgeous pieces that will enthrall and delight.  

January 26th

The Cool Blue Collection

True to the origins of its name - "aqua" is the Latin word for water, and "marine" meaning sea - each piece of jewelry in Aston Royal's aquamarine collection creates a brilliant effect that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean Ocean.  

January 25th

Let The Sunshine In

At Aston Royal we're dreaming of spring and summer, looking for ways to stay warm when outside in chilly Colorado.  The glow of this 14-Karat Gold and Diamond Ring is certainly one way to heat things up, reminding us to let the sunshine in - even in the middle of winter.

January 24th

The Amazing Amethyst Sale

With its wine-purple color, Greek legend associated amethyst with Bacchus, the god of wine.  Other legends believed that amethyst gems inspired a clear head and quick thinking in battle, making this gem a must-have for any self-respecting royal family.

From pale lilac to deep purple, amethysts are an astonishingly beautiful gemstone.  They are also the birthstone for February.

Best Sellers

Black-Plated Sterling Silver, CZ Bangle Set

Black-Plated Sterling Silver, CZ Bangle Set  $350.00

Champagne Diamond Flower Ring

Champagne Diamond Flower Ring  $995.00

Scroll 14-Karat White Gold Wedding Band

Scroll 14-Karat White Gold Wedding Band  $1,300.00

Personalized 14-Karat White Gold Pendant

14-Karat White Gold Engravable Birthstone Disc  $295.00