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What Do Women Really Want?

If you could receive only one gift for Valentine’s Day, what would it be?  Chocolate? Flowers? Perfume?

According to a recent survey* almost 1/3 of all women (29%) would choose jewelry for Valentine’s Day.  However, another study** found that only 15% of women will actually get jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

Which begs the question:  What do women need to do, to get what we really want?

We think it’s time we took Valentine’s Day matters into our own hands.  Luckily, Aston Royal can help.  We have a Personal Shopper service that can contact the man in your life, and oh-so-gently, let him know what you really want.  Plus, we’re offering a 20%-off Valentine’s Day special until February 9, so you’ll get credit for being so thoughtful.

Contact us a personalshopper@astonroyal.com, and let us tell him what you really want.


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* Sentient Decision Science for Sears
** American Express Spending & Saving Tracker


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